Pertussis Vacination Requirements

Attention Parents and Guardians

Since the 2011-2012 school year, State law now
requires that all incoming 7th-12th graders
get a whooping cough booster shot,
called Tdap, before entering school.
7th and 8th grade students who have not
received this booster shot prior to the
beginning of the school year will not be
allowed to start school. Pertussis, also
known as whooping cough, is widespread
throughout California. This vaccine can help
keep your child and family protected.
We encourage you to contact your child's doctor or
medical provider now to schedule an
immunization appointment. Some children
may qualify for free immunizations through
the Vaccines for Children Program. Please
bring your child's shot record to the school as
soon as they receive their immunization!
Thank you for your prompt attention to
this "NEW" Requirement. 
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