Poster Book Report Project

After you have completed reading your book, design a 6-panel poster about the book. Each panel has a specific requirement:

Panel 1:
Create a cover for your book. Include all the information typically found on a book cover. The artwork should be original, not simply a copied drawing of what is already on the cover. The cover should be visually appealing and relate to the story.

Panel 2:
Write a brief summary of the book. Include the main idea(s) and important events that happen in the book. Include enough details to give the main ideas but do not include insignificant information.

Panel 3:
Describe the main character(s)in the book. Create a timeline of their life during the period covered in the story.

Panel 4:
Tell about the major conflict(s) in the story and how it/they affect (or changes) the main character's life.

Panel 5:
Show graphically how this novel affected you, tell what you learned or got out of this novel, and whether or not you would recommend it and why.

Panel 6:
Draw one significant incident from the story and label it. Include a short caption that explains the illustration and why it is significant.

Make sure to include the title (underlined)