Mandala Book Report Project

Assignment: Create a mandala representing your novel.
Materials needed: A paper circle, crayons, colored pencils/pens

1. Draw a symbol or picture to represent you as the reader in center. The image should reflect how you felt about the reading overall.

2. Reserving space for a 1-2 inch border, divide the rest of your circle up into sections. This can be done with straight lines, with curved lines, with symbols, or no dividers at all.

3. Each section can represent:
important chapters
critical incidents
title significance
what you learned
your recommendation

4. For your sections, choose symbols, pictures, and words to explore graphically the meaning you got from your reading. Title each section somewhere in the section.

5. The border: using color, symbols, and words (possibly a metaphor), represent your overall reading experience.

6. Include the title (remember to underline) and the author somewhere on the mandala. Your name also goes on the front somewhere.