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Senior News & Events

Hoopa Valley High School's Cash for College Workshop will be held on October 11th, 2017. For this event you will need to bring the following: your social security card or number, yours and your parents'  2016 income and tax information, any records of untaxed income such as child support payments, payments to/from retirement accounts, combat pay, short-term disability, or worker's compensation, and yours and your parents' FSA ID information. 
  It is also recommended that you bring a list of colleges you are interested in attending. As well, if you are able, please set up your FSA ID prior to attending the workshop. Often times, FSA IDs are simple to create, but can take time to become functional. Give your FSA ID at least two business days to process after setting one up.
  For more information regarding FSA IDs follow the link or come into the counseling office. If you are unable to attend and would like assistance with your FAFSA, please contact Laura Lane at 530-625-5600 ext. 1018.